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Nida Naguib’s post

Monday, March 9th, 2009

Regarding giving ideas on how to pass level 1, I realized most students, including myself, would like very specific advice instead of more generalized advice especially at the level 1 stage where you can get intimidated by the amount of material. Here is what I did and recommend:

  • Try to study the material in the same order it was taught, at least for the first time. This helps in two ways: It helps to recall your train of thought during class. In case you get stuck, it may help you to remember what the teacher said about that particular point.

  • Follow the 24 hr rule as one of the golden rules to passing. Study material within 24 hrs, or if difficult at least 36 hrs after class time. Always start studying difficult material within 24 hrs, you cannot afford to get lazy for that.

  • After a test, always gather the areas where you made a mistake and jot it down (don’t try to hurt your memory too much by keeping them to memory). When the material is tested the second time, spot the areas where you made a mistake and what you misunderstood or ignored in your reading. This helps to expand your knowledge base.

  • I’ve said this before, try to find your ‘happy moment’ of the day. But don’t get too involved that you find it difficult to go back to studying.

  • The BIGGEST mistake: Never think or say that you will fail. Think of it as a bad omen. If you say/think you will fail, fear that you definitely will as you let yourself think so.

  • Separate Fact from Fiction. Fact: My exam is in xyz days (read Kashif’s mail to recall the exact number) and how should work my way through it? Fiction: How am I going to celebrate after I pass? At least till the exam day.

  • If you did badly on a test, you have to move on. It may be difficult but it is necessary to shake off that anger of not performing. To make it easier for yourself, remind yourself that there is a next time and you will make up for it. Have someone with whom you can share these feelings. It helps.

  • If you are really confused about a major topic, try to get it sorted out as soon as possible otherwise you’ll get into a mess of worry. If there is a point which you don’t understand, ask the teacher if it is as important to be concerned about it . If not, memorize it and move forward.

  • While you are studying try not to count the pages you have left to study, regularly. It will really slow you down.

  • Pray regularly and reward yourself whenever you perform well. Treat each week as a challenge and not a nightmare.