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The CFA Program Eligibility

Who is eligible for the CFA Program?

A person with:

16 years of education (in any field)


4 years of experience (any work experience)


14 years of education and 2 years of work experience


Any recognized professional qualification e-g CA, ACCA or CIMA


Persons with ACCA level II pass or in the final year of bachelor can take up Level I of CFA Program

I already have a professional qualification. Am I exempt from appearing in any level?


What percentage of students are able to pass CFA Level 1 exam?

Global average is 35%. However, 60% of Kamran's students have been able to pass CFA level 1 in first attempt over last ten years.

Do I have to complete all exams within a certain period of time to receive the CFA charter?

No, According to the CFA Institute, a candidate can take as much time as necessary to complete all three levels of the CFA Program.

Therefore, if you passed the June 2017 CFA Level I examination, you could take the CFA Level II examination in June 2023 (rather than June 2018) and the CFA Level III examination in June 2025 (rather than June 2029).

Remember that successful completion of all three CFA examinations is only one of several requirements needed to obtain your CFA charter.

What is the format of the CFA Program exams?

Each exam includes two sessions Session 1 and Session 2 of 135 minutes each. Total exam is of 4.5 hours.

Level I

Four Times a Year
Multiple Choice Questions90 Questions in session 1 +90 Questions in session 2.
Level II exam contains item sets (mini cases). Each item-set may contain 4 to 6 multiple choice questions.

Level II

2 times a year

Level III

Two times a Year
Level III exam contains 12-15 essay questions in session 1 +Item set questions in session 2.