Our students' testimonials

Kamran Rashid is an exceptionally effective teacher whose approach combines academic rigor, personal insights and vivid imagination. The "cherry on top" of all this is his trademark satirical wit, which adds color to otherwise gray concepts.

By attending and participating in Kamran's classes, I have not only mastered many concepts of finance, but have also absorbed dozens of highly relevant and practical lessons that cover a great breadth of topics, including but not limited to the following: nature of value investing, workings of the stock market, tendencies and pitfalls of human behavior, and the importance of learning from my mistakes (how else can one succeed?).

In a nutshell: absolutely recommended!


There are two key areas of differentiation of KAMRANRASHID.COM from other's:

Firstly, sir KAMRAN and teacher assistants are all results driven and they have an excellent grasp of both the CFA material and the underlying concepts within the syllabus. Their enthusiasm for even the dullest of topics is contagious and I was amazed by their patience, professionalism and willingness to help throughout the course.

Secondly, the in-house materials are focused, accurate and clear making them ideal for candidates who are short of time and under pressure at their day job. In summary, the CFA curriculum is one of the ultimate tests of mental strength and endurance. However I would argue that without KAMRANRASHID.COM and the system they provide, I would not have clear the hurdle.


The entire experience was excellent. The CFA classes did well in terms of value addition. The knowledge gained enabled me explore different perspective of a particular concept. Most importantly, regular classes brought discipline and consistency in my preparation.


The best institution to experience CFA and maximize your learning as a CFA candidate.

With proper training, strategic guidance and superb infrastructure Kamran Rashid and his team has given me immense confidence to tackle my upcoming exam.

My best wishes to this institution and to all its tutors and students for creating such an excellent learning environment in the heart of Lahore city.


There are moments when I'm down and depressed about CFA being way too tough than I originally anticipated, and then I attend a lecture and I'm happy and hopeful again, just like on the day I decided to go for it in the first place believing that I can do it!

They never let you lose hope, and that's really what makes this experience different from all other educational institutions I've attended. Constant vigilance! That's what Sir Kamran inspires in me. The lectures never drag on like they used to in school.

We start with the Income Statement and go on to discuss mango prices in Lahore. If I make a mistake in the test, that is supposed to be a good thing not a bad thing!

That's one more thing I get to prepare for before the exam! CFA is something I chose to do I was not forced into it. Sir Kamran constantly reminds me of this fact! Its like an awesome support group for something that usually makes people loose sleep or hair, or in some cases both!